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Cars are very often a source of pride and enjoyment for their owners. A vehicle can be as unique as the driver itself, complete with custom parts and paint jobs. Seat covers are an accessory that can be as simple or extravagant as the driver chooses, and can add personality and flair to even the plainest vehicle on the road.

Car seat covers are used to cover and protect the seats of vehicles. They slip over the existing seat and guard against wear and tear from daily use. Seat covers can be used at any time, and many vehicle owners choose to attach them as soon as they purchase a new car. Seat covers are made for either the front or back seats of most modern vehicles and can be used on as many or as few seats as the owner chooses. Car seat covers either slip over or tie onto the seat and are secured with ties or elastic straps.

Car seat covers come in either a slip-on or tie-on style and are made in a variety of styles to fit all seat types. Slip-on seat covers look like fabric tubes that are slipped down over your existing seat and most often have an elastic bottom to prevent them from sliding off. Tie-on seat covers are normally more open and have numerous fabric bands that will allow you to wrap the cover over the seat and tie it in the back or on the bottom. Seat covers can be found in bucket-seat style, for individual seats, bench-seat style and split-seat style for vehicles whose seats have a split in them to allow for folding or movement.

Seat covers can be identified by their design. Most covers will have a logo or design on them indicating that they are made to cover existing car seats. Car seat covers are made in a wide range of cover sizes. They can be produced in any color and fabric the owner chooses, including wild leopard prints and mild, buttery leathers. Most car seat covers can be used year-round, although leather and vinyl covers might require extra maintenance in the cold winter months to prevent cracking.

A number of car owners use seat covers as a way to extend the beauty and life of their vehicles. Replacing the upholstery in a vehicle can be extremely costly, but covering the seats with an affordable set of covers will help keep the interior of a vehicle looking brand new. People slide in and out of their car seats on a daily basis, and this repetitive rubbing will break down normal car fabrics.A car seat cover will avoid this damage and keep the upholstery in top form. It also can help prevent damage from a food spill.

Vehicle owners should take care to only purchase car seat covers that were designed for their vehicle. Using a cover that is too big will cause the cover to slip and could contribute to an accident, while a cover that is too small will cause the original fabric to fold and pinch, leading to premature wear. Material for seat covers should also be chosen carefully. Leather seat covers require more upkeep than fabric ones and can be very cold in the winter and hot in the summer, leading to pain and discomfort.

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